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Free your marketing, that's what we say here at Loop Online Marketing#FreeYourMarketing, the rest will follow. That's what we say here at Loop. 

Why? Because we’ve ‘been there and seen that’ when it comes to the efforts we’ve all put in over the years to climb the Google ladder.


#FreeYourMarketing was our response in 2013 to all of Google's search engine updates and the changes we'd been witnessing in search marketing.


We thought: enough is enough. Things have moved on...


The tactic of trying to fudge tonnes of links to gain favour from search engines had become so old hat, let alone black hat...


So we took stock and started to think about how we could do things differently. The result is what we now call...



Ultimately, the way you use the web to attract the attention of search engines now demands that you create a strong online brand. The world’s largest search engine, Google, has been pushing much of this change through its recent updates, by rewarding fresh, quality content and punishing spammy search engine optimisation practices.


Google's beloved Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have effectively reshaped how we now need to optimise websites for search.


But there has also been a huge influence from the ever-increasing rise of the social web, too. More and more people are using social channels, and so looking for great content to share with each other.

Create an engaging online brand...

What we’re talking here is you getting your brand in all the right places, embracing social media, creating valuable and engaging content, empowering your people, and more.


Google wants to be able to find you in all the right places on the web. It wants to find lots for its beloved robots to crawl over and also assess social signals (likes, comments and shares), all of which help it to understand your business and how much people want to engage with it. The search engine will look to your social profiles too, such as Google+, which will help it to understand what topics you talk about and what you want to be known for. A search engine such as Google uses all of this information so it can assess and decide when to return your website in relevant search results.


Free-your-marketing, the rest will follow

If you do all of this, not only will better search results follow. But if you’re super-active in sharing content and using social media, what you’ll find is that you’ll create opportunities and drive traffic to your site from sources other than just search engines. Simply, people will want to follow your business and find out more, too.


Your 5-a-day to #FreeYourMarketing

So what what we’re encouraging you to do is to commit to these five simple ways to #FreeYourMarketing. It’s going to be a bit like keeping to your 5-a-day. You need to change for the better and then keep up the good work. Here’s how:

  • Get set, mindset, go
  • Be boundless
  • Open up
  • Engage
  • Empower your people

For more detail, read our blog: Your 5-a-day to #FreeYourMarketing


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