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How-to guides by Loop, Online Marketing


Our how-to guides have been written to help you get to grips with some of the specifics of online marketing. Each one focuses on a particular topic. But we’ve done our best to make each guide bite-sized.


To talk through how you might use any of our how-to guides to initiate new projects within your business, feel free to contact the team.


We’re currently adding to the guides we have available.


Get to grips with Google+ for business

Google+ now has more that 300m active monthly users and now underpins many of Google’s other services. What this means is that Google+ now offers an incredibly important marketing tool for businesses. Find out more


Understand marketing ROI using Google Analytics

There are many paid-for systems out there to keep track of marketing activity and your return on investment (ROI). But one of the most powerful is also free – Google Analytics. Find out more


Unlock the potential of hashtags

The popularity and power of the hashtag shows no signs of diminishing. They might seem like a small thing but they pack a punch, and one of the quickest and easiest ways to engage with audiences. Find out more


Get started with content marketing

Our latest e-book walks you through content marketing, inlcuding researching your audiences, editorial planning, content creation, promotion and measurement. Find out more


Make your website more mobile friendly

Earlier this year Google rolled out a big update with a huge impact, which now determines who appears where in its mobile search results. Our handy how-to guide explains how to make your website more mobile friendly. Find out more

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