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12 tips for developing your Facebook business page


1. Have fun with it

The cover of our Facebook tips to use when developing your business page, an ebook by LoopUnlike LinkedIn you can afford to have a bit more fun with your Facebook posts. While this doesn't mean you should treat your audience like your best friends, it's always good to give them a glimpse into the more social side of your business. For example, images from team building events or links to things that made the office laugh (as long as they're tasteful) are great for encouraging engagement.


2. Less is more

When it comes to a post's character count, although Facebook doesn't have the same limitations as Twitter, that doesn't mean every post should be an essay.


Studies have shown that shorter posts – those less than 40 characters in length – generate the highest rates of engagement. If 40 isn't enough, 80 characters or less is the next best thing. Though, as a general rule of thumb, shorter is better.


Always couple a text update with an image or graphic wherever possible….


3. Make posts visual

You've whittled down your text so it's as short as it can be, now is the time to add an image or graphic if you've got one.


People read images a lot faster than text making those people more likely to engage if they like what they're seeing. Whether it's an image that offers a glimpse into the workings of your office, or shows off a new product in context, on Facebook a picture is worth a lot more than 1,000 words.


4. Engage with your audience

Facebook isn't about creating a one-way conversation. If someone comments on something you've posted make sure you respond as this will add value to their interaction and keep them coming back for more. The sooner you respond the more likely it is you'll get a good conversation going.


Asking questions is proven as a tried and tested way to get followers to comment on your content. Use Facebook ‘insights’ to find out what content works and to learn more about your audience.


5. Don't be afraid to pay

While businesses can enjoy great success on Facebook without giving the site a penny, there's no shame in paying to boost a post or launching a ‘like’ campaign.


Facebook allows you to extend the reach of your Facebook activities for as little as a few pounds, helping to gain followers and drive engagement quickly while staying within your budget.


6. Hashtags aren't just for Twitter

Hashtags are still synonymous with Twitter, and increasingly so with Google+. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them on Facebook.


Adding 2-3 hashtags per post can help people to discover your conversations and is also good for your search engine optimisation efforts.


7. Like to be liked

Don't just sit around waiting for people to follow you, be active in liking and interacting with other pages relevant to your industry or area.


Liking the pages of other businesses and sharing what they're saying will encourage those people to like you back and link to the content you post.


8. Share other people's links

Just like any social network it's important to get a good balance of sharing other people's content and sharing your own content.


Other people’s content that has been useful to you and your business is likely to be useful to the people who have liked your Facebook page, so don't be afraid to share it.


9. Share your own links

When it comes to sharing your own content it's always good to link to your website when possible, whether that's a new news story, blog post or a product page for example. Make links to your content more attractive by adding an image that's relevant to what you're sharing.


So you can continually share your own content it is worth creating a schedule detailing what you want to share and when. Stick to any plan you create.


10. Be diligent with detail

It's not uncommon for people to find your Facebook page before they find your website, so you'll want to make sure your page is filled with as much information about your business as possible.


Be sure to make use of the ‘about’ section on your Facebook page by adding contact information for your business, plus all relevant background info.


Make sure your page is branded as much as possible. Adding a cover photo and profile picture that's inline with the rest of your branding is essential.


11. Reward your followers

Happy and engaged followers are followers who feel rewarded. Offer them exclusive content and offers they can't get anywhere else, or run a competition.


Competitions are fantastic for encouraging creativity among your audience and getting them to interact with your brand. Discounts and promotions are great ways to drive engagement and sales.


12. Utilise Open Graph on your website

Open Graph data is easy to implement on your website and used to tell a social media platform, such as Facebook, what image, heading and description to pull through to its feed when you share a page from your site.


Graph data will save you from those troublesome moments when you go to share a link from your site but no image appears and your update ends up looking a bit sparse and unprofessional. Ultimately, Open Graph data will smarten up your Facebook updates, so implement now.


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