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11 LinkedIn tips for business success


1. Keep it professional

The cover of our LinkedIn tips for business success, an ebook by Loop Online MarketingThis should go without saying but LinkedIn was created with the sole purpose of helping people to do business, therefore it's important that your profile should look professional. Unlike other more schizophrenic social networks LinkedIn has a distinct personality, so everything you post doesn't have to be super serious but it's worth remembering why you're there.


2. Create inspirational content

Unlike Twitter with its limiting 140-character count, and Facebook where long posts tend to be frowned upon, LinkedIn is a great place to share knowledge in the form of a blog post. The network’s latest functionality means you can now publish longer-form posts – a sure-fire way of building connections and attracting people in your industry to your profile.


3. Share your inspiration

It's a golden rule that applies to LinkedIn as much as it does to the other social networks. Share quality content that's relevant to your audience. Articles and blog posts that have influenced you in a positive way are likely to be of value to your connections too, so it's worth letting everyone know about them.


4. Three degrees of networking

They say there are six degrees of separation, and with LinkedIn there are three to take advantage of. First tier connections are the people you know, second tier connections the people they know, and third tier the people your second tier connections know. Connect with the people you know first then branch out to their connections.


5. Get your people involved

With LinkedIn, more so than Facebook or Twitter, it's important to get your people involved. Make sure their profiles are linked to your company page so that they can interact with your business's LinkedIn activities. Your company page should be the hub on LinkedIn and your people its spokes, reaching out to extended networks.


6. Encourage your people to engage

To ensure a ‘hub and spoke’ approach is a success, make sure your people actively engage with your company page. Their responses to what you post will attract others to your content and give outsiders valuable insight into your company. Remember: You can't interact as a company, only as an individual, so it's up to your employees to represent it in responses to posts you originally publish on your LinkedIn company page.


7. Ask for recommendations, endorse others

LinkedIn is no place to be shy and you shouldn't be reserved about connecting with people. It's important not to be afraid to ask for a recommendation either. Recommendations add credibility to your profile and have been said to improve when you’re returned in a search on the social network.  You should also actively endorse your connections’ skills (a nice thing to do anyway) and they’ll be more likely to endorse you in return.


8. Create valuable search engine optimisation (SEO) links

Among the many benefits of LinkedIn is that with tweaks you can create valuable SEO links to your business website(s). Always include a link to your website in your profile – you can do this by choosing “other” from the dropdown list when selecting the type of website to enter. Use your SEO keywords when inputting the name of your site.


9. Share across other social networks

LinkedIn may prefer to be in the office while its social media brothers are at the beach but that doesn't mean content shouldn't be shared between them. Sharing links to content you've posted on LinkedIn can be a great way of drawing people to your profile.  You can easily set your LinkedIn account so you can post your updates via your Twitter account too. If you publish a blog on LinkedIn you will be able to share across many more social channels.


10. Customise your page URL

You can easily change your individual profile’s URL from the automatically generated one to a customised version. Your may want to change to your actual name so the URL becomes


11. Leave no stone unturned

Take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer when it comes to completing your profile, or your company page. One such feature you should take advantage of is the ability to add rich media (such as films on your company page, or PDF and presentations in your individual profile). More generally, fill out every relevant box with useful information about you or your business.


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