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10 social media tips for Twitter


1. Hatch your profile

Cover of our Loop social media tips sheet for using Twitter for businessPeople won't follow an egg (the egg image is the default profile picture for a new Twitter account). So fill out every bit of your profile. An appropriate profile picture, an attractive banner, a brief summary of what it is you do and a link to your website are all essentials when creating an engaging Twitter account.


2. Share and share alike

Twitter is a great platform for sharing content and sharing what others have to say, not just links to your own content. Sharing will also make your feed look more interesting and your brand ego less big.


3. Think before you Tweet

Twitter is a public platform and anyone can see what you post. Keep tweets relevant to your audience, don't post anything that could be offensive and try to avoid hashtags that may lead to misunderstandings or abuse.


4. Be timely with your replies

It's not possible to respond to every @ mention or direct message right away, but the sooner you do the more likely your chances of getting involved in an engaging conversation.


5. Re-tweet others like you'd have them re-tweet you

While you want people to re-tweet what your brand has to say it's important to re-tweet what other people are saying as well. It will show your followers that you're listening and encourage others to follow.


6. Harness #hashtags

As a general rule of thumb if there's space for a #hashtag use one, but no more than 2 – 3 per tweet. If there isn't space, try turning a word into a #hashtag. They don't just have to come at the end of your message.


7. Don't be afraid to follow

Don't sit there waiting for people to follow you. Find some interesting people in your field or people you already know, follow them and make a connection through an @ mention or a direct message.


8. Everything in moderation

Avoid overselling and rampant re-tweeting. Core tweets about your brand have a time and a place, but a well-balanced mix of re-tweets, engaging questions, shout outs and links to other people’s quality content is recommended.


9. Empower your people

A brand's Twitter feed can really come alive by making its people brand advocates. Satellite accounts for individuals such as @BrandX_Bob or @BrandX_Kate will help to generate conversations and give your Twitter followers a more interesting perspective of your company.


10. Don't be a robot

Scheduled tweets are definitely helpful when running a busy account but users relying on them too much run the risk of looking robotic. One of the exciting things about Twitter is the opportunity for spontaneity and by scheduling too much you might miss the chance to engage with someone who's responded to your latest tweet.


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