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Integration with offline and print media

We integrate traditional offline and print media with online marketingIn our experience your business will earn a greater return, have more impact and experience stronger interactions with customers by integrating marketing activities across online and offline media.

Here at Loop we understand that your customers will casually cross multiple marketing channels – perhaps seeing you mentioned in a magazine then checking what you have to say on Twitter before visiting your website where they might sign up for an event. This event they then attend in person; all the while receiving updates from your business on Facebook.


One continuous brand

What we will do is present your business as one continuous brand. One that’s:

  • Coherent and logically connected – so that everything complements each other, helping people to seamlessly understand who you are and what you stand for.
  • Consistent in its messaging and positioning – so that there are no surprises when people see you from one place to the next.

We know that when there is a disconnection between online and offline marketing people can too easily become turned off.


How we bridge online and offline marketing

Having learned our marketing trade at a time when digital was gathering pace, we bring stacks of experience in getting online and offline working together effectively.


Our director Richard worked in traditional communications and corporate print publishing for many years before specialising in web marketing. Many of our associates have backgrounds in PR consulting. Some provide traditional offline marketing services such as design and print too.


Here are some things we often consider (taken from a few of our previous projects):

  • Ensure print adverts have a consistent look and feel with your website, so that people looking for more information get a coherent design experience.
  • Integrate campaigns so that consistent messages go out via both online and offline channels – from press releases and tweets to face-to-face presentations.
  • Use social media to promote new products and to drive sales demos – while also coordinating website landing pages where people can sign up for the demo.
  • Develop branding and achieve a visual and verbal identity that works across both print and web.



Let's get started, work with Loop

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Crafting copy for a number of uses is often a great way to bridge any gaps that exist between your offline and online marketing


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