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Search engine optimisation

Search-engine-optimisationHow you optimise your website for search engines has been transformed in recent years. Much of this has been driven by the world's largest search engine, Google. 


Here at Loop we make it our business to stay ahead of all the changes. That way we can keep you in with a shout when it comes to people finding your business online.


Here's how we do SEO

Here at Loop we've seen search engine optimisation (SEO) become less and less of a standalone piece of online marketing. In reality when we carry out 'SEO work' we will mix strategy with website development, content, social media and great creative, together with link building, outreach work and link earning, and even some blogging too.


These are some of the areas we focus on with SEO:


Search engine friendly websites

Google's updates to its own search engine have resulted in a clamping down on many SEO activities. So here at Loop we will focus on your website, which you do have complete control over.


What we find is that you're halfway there with SEO if you structure your website in the right way. We will work with you to make sure your own website is search engine friendly, getting your site's meta-information in tip-top condition, ensuring the site is technically sound and even using structured data where necessary. We will explain all of this.


The right words and phrases hold the key

While ensuring your website is search engine friendly, we will deliver a well-researched, thought-out and expertly executed keyword strategy. In doing so we will identify the words and phrases your audiences are using to find products and services such as yours.


We would then use these words consistently across what you say on your site and across the web. That way we can tell search engines what you're about, so the engine will know when to return you in relevant searches.


Content marketing, meet social media

We will help you to use content marketing to drive and feed your social media activities. As a result you will see more visitors coming to your website from social media channels, as well as more links to your site being created by people liking, sharing and commenting on the content you offer. These all important social signals (likes, comments and shares) are now used by search engines as ranking factors.


Diverse, quality back links

One way to boost your search rankings is to generate and earn quality links back to your site from other sites. We're never tempted by getting easy, spammy back links - something you might have heard referred to as 'black hat SEO'. We will work hard to editorially earn and deliver quality links from highly-relevant and trusted sources. We always really mix it up too, as a diverse link profile is going to be more valuable to you.


We’re a small team, so we don’t go for large-scale link building or anything that might be considered spam or en masse. In today’s world of SEO we strongly believe that less is more and quality counts anyway.


Before we start any link building we will agree the keywords we're going to focus on and the assets on your website that we're going to direct links towards. We'd build links to your homepage, but examples of other assets could be category or product pages, resources, tools, or even free guides.



Let's get started, work with Loop

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