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Small business bundles

Loop Small Business Marketing Bundles


Our marketing bundles are designed to help your small business promote its products and services more effectively online.

'Into the loop' bundle*

Small business marketing bundle: Into the loop graphicInto the loop is our entry-level small business marketing bundle. This one is for you if your company is just starting up and perhaps carrying out some tentative online marketing.


The bundle includes a consultation, together with an initial review of your digital space and any existing activities. We would produce a headline plan designed to kick start your online marketing.


We'll even throw in an exclusive small business focused online marketing e-book. Cheeky old us.


Into the loop is priced at £245

Let's get started, work with Loop

Let's get started...


To talk about our 'Into the loop' bundle, please do get in contact.




'Join the dots' bundle*

Our Join the dots internet small business marketing bundleFeel your website isn't up to scratch? Your social media is off the mark? Or digital communications aren't delivering the results you expect?


If so, let us help you improve. We'll make sure your online marketing pulls together and works for your business.


Join the dots is our bundle designed for more established companies wanting to bring existing online marketing activities together more effectively. It is designed to help you take stock and move on with success in mind.


There are three steps:


Step 1:

We'll discuss your current online marketing with you: what works, what doesn't and what could be improved.


Step 2:

We then analyse and review your website and online activities in more detail, carrying out desk research.


Step 3:

We present a review report, providing an assessment of your current position, what needs to improve and what should happen next to bring all of your online marketing together more effectively.


There's more!

You can also access all of our free resources to help you master online marketing.


Join the dots is priced at only £495

Let's get started, work with Loop

Let's get started...


To talk about our 'Join the dots' bundle, please do get in contact.


*Both bundles exclusive to small businesses in Exeter & East Devon

Our bundles are exclusive to and designed to support small company marketing in our local area of Exeter and East Devon.


We're committed to supporting local businesses in our local area, helping businesses to get a foot up by using online marketing more effectively.


The above is further emphasised by our membership of the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce (the town where we are based) and our affiliation with the Exeter-based Cartridges Small Business Hub.

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