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Social media marketing

Social media by Loop Online MarketingHere at Loop we'll help you get to grips with social media marketing and use the right channels to meet your business objectives – whether that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest to name a few.


We strongly believe it is vital for businesses to invest in social media marketing. Social media should a central tactic in generating awareness, building an online presence and engaging with your audiences.


Its prevalence means there are conversations taking place online all the time. And what people say about your organisation has a huge influence on how your brand is perceived. So it is vital that you contribute to these conversations and inspire people in the way they experience who you are, what you stand for and what you have to say. This will help people to make that mental leap to want to do business with you.


Social media strategy, management, advertising & training

Here's how we can help you and your business:


Social media strategy

When it comes to social media we bring strategically sound thinking. We'll work with you to clarify what you want to achieve and how best to go about this. We will recommend the best social media for your business, support you to integrate it into the on-going development of your website and across activities such as search engine optimisation and content marketing. We will also help identify new routes where appropriate, such as social advertising.


Social media management

We can provide hands-on management of your social media, setting up and running social media accounts, using these to spark conversations, build relationship and ultimately drive more people to your website as a result.


We can support you to plan and execute specific social media campaigns.


Social advertising

As part of your broader approach to social media marketing, we can also help with social advertising. This form of advertising is designed to reach audiences when they are in environments such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


Social advertising can dramatically increase your business's visibility, helping your messages and content to cut through the constant stream of other people's social media updates. We would look at the right channels and style of advertising for your business - considering approaches such as Facebook promoted posts and 'like' campaigns and LinkedIn sponsored updates.


Social media training

We offer training workshops for groups, or bespoke coaching for individuals. Here at Loop we're always keen to up-skill your people – because social media is best when it's authentic and truly plugged-in to an organisation.


Please do get in contact if you want to discuss how we can train your people. Within Your Content Central – our hub for free online marketing resources – we also offer a range of social media tips and cheat sheets.



Let's get started, work with Loop

Let's get started...

To talk social media marketing, please do get in contact.


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Content marketing

Here at Loop it's our job to create compelling content that gets shared, rippling out to more and more people across social networks.


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Social media marketing stat: 79% of Twitter users would recommend a brand they follow

get to grips with Google+ for business

The cover of our free e-book: a how-to guide on getting to grips with Google+ for businessLearn the basics of Google+ with our free, short e-book. It will help you to understand how Google's social platform can get you closer to your audiences by connecting and engaging with communities of potential customers.

The e-book will show you how to create a local page, use content effectively, consider search engine optimisation and harness hashtags to great effect.





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