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Website development, design and management

Website development by Loop Online MarketingWe'll help you develop your website into an effective and lively central point for your business online. Where lots of new visitors come in, people frequently return and your marketing goals are being converted.


At Loop we’re skilled at planning, designing, building and maintaining websites to meet a range of business objectives – from generating leads and selling products, getting sign up for services to delivering a rich experience of your brand.


What we call 'website development'

Here at Loop we term all of our website work as 'development'. That's because when we work with you we will want to get involved with your website from the outset, helping to develop it from there on in. This work could involve developing something completely new for your business, or by simply fine-tuning your existing site.


We will advise on the best route, but ultimately work to your brief.


Our website development work broadly falls into three areas:


Website reviews

We often start working with a website by carrying out a review. This can help you to take stock, look for improvements and define what comes next. A website review can incorporate a search engine optimisation (SEO) audit too.


Read more about the type of website reviews and SEO audits we've completed in the past.


Website design and build

We produce websites with your audience in mind – ones that clearly communicate the right messages and position your business and brand appropriately.


We are always highly flexible, working to your design brief, able to follow your brand guidelines and/or complement the design of your offline materials.


We follow a design and build process:

  • Research, as we discover the best approach and formulate ideas
  • Site map, as we start to build some structure 
  • Wireframes, as we add some detail to the basic structure of your website
  • Design, as we start to create the look and feel
  • Build, as we bring together design and structure
  • Testing, as we check everything works
  • Launch, hello world!

Our design and build work will take into consideration how a new website needs to be search engine friendly, use content effectively and be socially integrated. We can even help you produce all of the content for your website through our copywriting & blogging and creative services.


We can also work with your appointed website designers if that's the kind of arrangement you're looking for. We would work alongside your designer, supporting SEO, social media integration and the generation of content and copy.


Website management and updates

Designing and building a website is only the first step. No one likes to see a static website that hasn't been updated in ages, there's little worse in terms of on-going SEO success. It's also wise to run regular technical checks and updates. At Loop we can do all of this for you.


We can manage your website on your behalf, supporting you to regularly create new content (such as news and blogs) and publishing this on your site. We can also maintain technical aspects.



Let's get started, work with Loop

Let's get started...

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Copywriting & blogging

We write engaging copy for websites and use SEO copywriting techniques to optimise site content for search engines, too.


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