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Smarthome technology business

Our work to develop the tone of voice and copy for a smarthome tech business

Developing the tone of voice and copy for a smarthome technology business 


Having worked with communications consultant, Richard Collins, on content for a holographic technology provider he approached us with a new opportunity: to support brand development for a new smarthome technology innovation company, and deliver copy for its new website.


For this project Richard was working with Neotion – innovators in TV technology. Through one of his own companies, Four Partners, he was helping the Neotion team to break into the emerging smarthome tech market with its new Neohome system and products.


While developing the Neohome brand and its visual look and feel, Richard turned to us to help develop the brand’s verbal identity – its tone of voice and style. We worked closely with Richard to come up with a tone and style that will channel a response from readers and a connection with the brand.


Our work contributed a whole section to the new Neohome brand book, which is now the go-to reference for Richard’s Four Partners team and teams within Neohome’s parent company, Neotion.


We were then asked to write copy for the new Neohome website – a scrolling one-page website that showcases the smarthome technology, accompanying packages of services and products.


Richard Collins, director at Four Partners, said:


“Having worked with Richard and Loop before I knew I could turn to them to complement existing work we were already doing at Four Partners. Richard at Loop ‘gets’ tech in particular and understands how to translate the language often used by technology-focused teams into copy that’s more accessible and understandable.


“I was looking for someone to help guide the story behind Neohome and its tech, making it more meaningful for both B2B and B2C audiences. Richard and his team really delivered on this and we now have a great tone for copy that comes through perfectly on the new website.”


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