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Nottingham Universities Letting Agents (NULA)

Logo development for Nottingham University Letting Agents

Logo development


Nottingham Universities Letting Agents (NULA) required a logo to give the newly formed group an identity, having formed to represent the professional end of the student lettings market in the university city.


The logo needed to be:

  • Friendly and approachable
  • Communicate unity and togetherness
  • Hold its own amongst design-led materials students are likely to see around them – so being striking and highly-visual
  • Able to quickly establish a presence and identity in the city
  • Show the group as professional, credible and authoritative

NULA representative, Dan Walker, said:


"As a group of businesses we had a good idea about what we wanted and were able to provide some fairly specific instructions on what we were after. Richard and Loop were given the task of polishing ideas and coming up with an attractive and professional logo. All of the parties involved with the project were very happy indeed, and it is fair to say the result exceeded all of our expectations."


Decisions we took here at Loop:

  • NULA in a modern, lower case typeface
  • Modern, striking font and colours
  • Friendly and approachable lower case
  • Focus on 'NULA' – recognisable & easily remembered
  • 'Window' icon representing a look into someone's new home
  • The full name as an option to educate people about the group and what they do


Online marketing services provided:


Creative design

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