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Oneserve service management software

SEO-focused inbound marketing support

Loop founder, Richard Wynn, worked as an associate consultant with Oneserve for just over two years. He helped the business move from being a startup to become an award-winning company with 40+ customers and a turnover of 1.5 million. Eventually supporting the business to create and setup its own, in-house digital marketing team.


Richard's work with Oneserve was heavily focused on search engine optimisation (SEO) and inbound marketing, using SEO, content marketing, blogging and social media to drive traffic to the website in order to generate leads. This work resulted in half of the company's eventual business at the time coming from the website. 


A sound keyword strategy


Richard helped define and implement the keyword strategy which underpinned all SEO work. The backbone of this strategy remains in place till today. He also ensured the most appropriate short and long keyword phrases and social hashtags ran through all company activities online: from the structure of the website through to on-site content (such as blogs and e-books) and out to all that was published on the web (tweets, slidedecks, guest blogs, social updates and more).


Search ranking success


Two of the highest grossing phrases that Oneserve were targeting (in terms of search volumes) were 'service management software' and 'field service software' which remained on page 1 of Google throughout Richard's time with company.


But it's not all about climbing the Google ladder


Richard helped Oneserve maintain a lively, insightful and interesting blog, which continually drove the right kind of visitors to the website and helped to create leads. Visit the Oneserve blog


He also supported Oneserve to set up a Knowledge Hub as a source of quality content that could be leveraged across social media to create back links and social  signals (likes, shares and comments), both vital search ranking factors. Visit the Oneserve Knowledge Hub


Richard also wrote a range of content for the Knowledge Hub, including:



Oneserve operational director, Adam Thompson, said:


"Not only has Richard optimised web copy and the website for search engines but he’s also leading broader SEO work. We’re number one for priority key words with his help – an amazing result which he’s achieved. Great work."


Some of Richard's main activities included:

  • Driving SEO, social media and content marketing strategy
  • Executing appropriate strategies through channels such as the company website, Twitter account, LinkedIn company page, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+
  • Leading email marketing and the e-newsletter, The One
  • Producing new content, such as blogs, free resources, case studies and white papers
  • Actively encouraging and training in-house teams to use social media and make the most of online PR opportunties
  • Writing tenders and award submissions


Online marketing services provided:


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