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3D holographic technology company

The redesigned homepage of technology company, Musion

Supporting the redesign of firm’s website


When Richard Collins at Neoteric Media was looking for support to update and refresh the content for a client's website, the holographic technology company Musion, he turned to us.


Musion wished to update their website, wanting to create a new site that would rank higher in search results and one that would better reflect their ultra high-end tech.


To establish what would be required to meet their goals we completed an initial review of Musion’s existing site content and structure, also looking at how we could improve on the format being used for case studies.


Following a series of recommendations a way forward was agreed with Neoteric Media. We then wrote new copy for the new website and consulted on how to make the content more search engine friendly.


Central to our work, we researched and repenned the most important project write-ups from the old site to ensure they met the requirements of the new site, showcasing the company’s high-end holographic technology and what it can achieve for its clients. We even coordinated some social media campaigns to promote previous projects to potential new customers.


Neoteric Media’s Richard Collins said:


“Loop always provided a great service and their flexible approach was a major asset to me. My client was a leading international provider of ultra-highend holograms for major launch and celebrity events globally."


"Richard and his team at Loop always delivered the right balance of information and glamour in their writing, ensuring that the commercial message was always present and never over powered by the celebrity nature of the content. This balance generated a massive uplift in the search results, social followers, as well as greatly reducing the bounce rate for the site.  


"I respect Richard’s professionalism. I’ve enjoyed working with him and always been pleased with the results he’s delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending Loop’s services."


Explore some of our project write-ups for Musion:


Online marketing services provided:


Copywriting, SEO, social media marketing


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