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EaseManage, construction management consultants

Homepage of the new EaseManage construction consultants' website

Writing and gathering all of the content for new website


EaseManage wanted to develop a new website. They required a reference site that would help inform potential customers who might be considering whether to work with the company and employ its ‘construction management’ approach.


The new website was required to present EaseManage’s offering, its people and services. The site also needed to help build greater authority and credibility within the industry through the inclusion of project write ups that present the case for construction management.


We were tasked with writing copy for the site, while gathering and penning the project write ups for inclusion in ‘Our results’. We also wrote all of the SEO information, such as page titles and meta-descriptions.


We were recommended to the EaseManage team, having worked with their sister company, EaseBuild, for some time.


Ease partner, Andy Cook, said:


“We wanted someone who could deliver our requirements, quickly and skilfully – and Richard and Loop have done a great job.”


“Even more, we like to work with people who are easy to get on with and good to work with. Richard has fitted in tremendously well, working with us and helping us really progress.”


Explore some of our website copy:


Online marketing services provided:




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